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Charming Girl's Plastic Surgery Review (Face contouring, Incisional ptosis correction, Rhinoplasty-revision)

Charming Girl's Plastic Surgery Review
(Face contouring, Incisional ptosis correction, Rhinoplasty-revision)

Here comes my review~!
I had surgeries in Banobagi Clinic.
The detail parts I got surgeries are:
Face contouring – Square jaw reduction, Cheekbone reduction, and Genioplasty

Eye revision – Incisional ptosis correction
Nose revision – Rhinoplasty revision

                                    Before                                              After

My eyelids were defined already,
but they were my complex since I seemed to be sleepy!!
Doctor said so as others…
That fueled on my decision eagering to make my eyes brighter!!!!
So I decided to get an operation on my eyes.
And then… my nose.. is a bit high than it would fit in my face… and it’s kind of big.
Doctor recommended me to lower the nose bridge right when I met him…
He promised me to make me beautiful,
so one more surgery was fixed to make it smaller the bigger nose compared to my face proportion!!!

Last consideration was about face contouring.
There was unbalance on my face and the underjaw is a little bit protruded…
And my face shape has been my complex since it’s relatively long.
Moreover, my job is kind of being taken pictures that my self-consciousness got worse….
So I made a wise decision to be changed in Banobagi Clinic
which my acquaintance introduced to me.
Finally, it was the D-day!
I arrived at the clinic at 9am as I was told to.
First of all, I changed my clothes…
and was informed cautions from a coordinator~!!!
I got into operations after meeting Dr. Oh Chang Hyun and Dr. Kim Hak Young…
Haha.. I was a little scared~~!!!
First surgery was for my eyes!!!
I managed to stagger out after eyelid operation…
I guess light drinkers have difficulties on waking up from anesthesia~!!!
A nurse helped me walking and I slept a while on bed~~ feeling warm languorousness…
Then I lay on a bed in the operating room and there were several nurses around it~~~
One of them held my hands tightly
when I was injected of anesthesia and I fell asleep right away.. haha

Just after the surgery!!!
I was so sleepy even my face is unfamiliar…
You have to aware of nurses coming time to time..
I said “Yes.” and go to sleep again…
They check my blood pressure continuously and change my drips.
I could see they check something whenever I am awakened.

I think I slept all time before check-out.. hahaha.
I drank a pack of soymilk because they told me I couldn’t after hose out!!
I also had to drink juice but gave up drinking…haha

I think my face would blow up…
They said it would hurt when hose is drawn, so I was nervous about it…
My cheeks got started to swell right after drawing…
and they looked like blimps!

And I went to bed again!! I fully slept for two days…

I had to move somehow but I felt dizzy and I was exhausted I rested by sleeping.

And I was discharged from the clinic when I woke up.

Day one after surgery:

Lips are blistered and swollen..
Inside of nose was so stuck and I got lots of spit that made me tired…
drank soymilk at home and took prescribed medicines!
(It’s hard put them in since I barely open my mouth!)

I feel the first day is so tough…
and I wouldn’t have drunken soymilk if I didn’t have to take medicines~!!
I lost my appetite in bad conditions!!

Day two after surgery:

Oops!!! It was a tough time with nose as soon as I woke up.
I had difficulty on drinking that inside part of nose was really stuck and I choke down….
Others say that swelling will decrease when you take a walk… so I did chores at home!

I still had swellings so I minded going out… haha.
I washed the clothes and vacuumed!
I always careful when I sleep, drink, and take medicines…

Day three after surgery:

I finally removed the tapes on chin!!!

Ice packed right away!! I hope swell decrease so soon…
wish my lips turn back immediately…

I satisfy my appetite by soymilk and water! I have to gargle after drinking soymilk!!!

It’s difficult to move mouth but I try a lot!!!

I took a walk in the evening on the day three
that I no longer felt much difficulty.

Actually, I don’t like taking a walk…
but for swelling subsidence, I had to… haha.

I brought a pack of soymilk
just if I could feel hungry in the middle of talking a walk~~~

Day four after surgery:
I still feel tired…
but it is better than the first time!!!

I grumbled to the coordinator~!!
But she told me I would feel much comfortable soon,
so I decided to take a firm stand!

 Day five after surgery:

I feel the decrease of swellings as time goes!!
I’d got slim cheeks so far so it’s quite nice to have them plumped even though they are swollen, hahaha.

I already lost 3~4 kgs
but it doesn’t seem like that and I love it!

But swellings have to be gone quickly anyway,
that I strolled every evening.

Day six after surgery:

I could open my mouth a little bit so I ate porridge.
However, maybe I tried too hard…
it’s swelled from under-chin to neck which makes me pretty tired…

Day seven after surgery:

Today I visit the clinic~~!!
A week already has passed!!!!

I took skincare and massage but my face is a little bit red!!!

Splint on my nose was removed and it little bit hurt…

But it was comfortable after splint is taken off!!!!

On the way lunch~~
It is better after massage that redness on face is much gone~~^^
Tuna porridge is so yummy!!!

But it is difficult to open mouth!!! Still just a week passed…
It’s a bit hard to eat yet.

I think… maybe it will be easy eating after about one more week after!!!

I wear tightener right after I came home!!!!!

Hmm… the staff in the clinic explained as not to tight so hard and to wear steadily when I remind it!!!

Not over one hour and never while sleeping!!!

Day eight after surgery:

I begin my day with tightener on!!!
People say I look better with cheeks bloated!!!
Looks better…? I prefer slim ones… haha.

Anyway I hope swellings to be removed soon~~~
I traveled to suburb prefectures today~~~

Chin parts are still swelled…
so mask is so essential!!!

I visited coast and I ate clam rice porridge
that I cannot eat rice.

I really want to chew!!!!!!

Day nine after surgery:

I still had flaky on my face but the staff in the clinic told me
not to remove on purpose so I let it be to get removed naturally~!!!
It’s really a hard time for me that I love spicy food!!!

It becomes a little bit different day by day…

but I cannot open my mouth that much…

so porridge and pumpkin juice again…

Day eleven after surgery:

It has been my daily routine to wear a tightener on as I get up~~
wear often as I think of~~
I cannot wear on for long since it’s still swelled under-chin
so it’s stuffy even for 20~30 minutes.
I even cannot wear T-shirts on because I feel stuffy a lot than other people!!!
But I still wear tightener in a good pace with responsibility!!!
Have to wear on even if I don’t want, right?
There’s a little bruise on the inner part of eye line~

My nose looks like nothing happened!!
It would look much natural if I remove stitches inside~~~
I became natural except for chin part!!! Haha.
I always was told that I have strong impressions~~

side part of the chin is decreased of swelling and the line of it becomes visible~~

even in 2 weeks… People say I recover fast and I feel great!!

Today I visit the clinic~~~
two weeks already have passed~~ stitches out…
I could bear the nose part..
but tears came out even after anesthesia shots inside of mouth.
Oops... Anyway I left from a burden of stitches!!!
And I head to the doctor~~

I complained to him that swelling lasts so long
and he compared it to the laundry!!

I understood immediately~~

I wish swelling decreases that it’s out of stitches.

After out of stitches,
it’s much better of eating that less substance remains inside of mouth!!!
 I brush my teeth!!
And pain on face is much gone!!
I still care a lot when washing my face… but much better!!!

Eyes are really natural now, but still a little swelling is on nose… a lot on cheeks hahaha.

Tightener on again~~~
I think the line on nose becomes natural~~

People say not to get slim on cute cheeks… haha…

I wish swelling on chins would be gone… hahaha.

Long-term drive after a long time!!!
I am on my way to meet friends.

I have to wear a mask on essentially that still a lot swelling on my chin!!!

Caps and mask became necessary to me…

When it would be that I don’t need these…?

My friends are amused that I wear tightener on at home!!!
Maybe it looks slimmer with it on~~

I regularly drink pumpkin juice and wear tightener on!!!

They complemented me doing well on recovery….haha.

I visited the clinic again and got a massage that I couldn’t get last time~~
I worried if I feel dizzy again~
but it was fine~ 2nd massage clear~~
My eyes are red after massage that maybe something got into my eyes~~ haha.
One more time is available… feel sorry to hear that… I reserved to get it on the day of monthly check.

The line of chin… is already slim before modification hrough Photoshop~~
It’s a wonder~

I only put lip balm on~
and it looks like make-up on. 

I don’t have any appointments these days staying at home
and I think that makes swelling decreases leisurely.

Beauty mask pack on right after I woke up.

I got some pimples on the chin line maybe because of tightener…
and coordinators told me that I don’t need to wear it on when I get pimples.
So I have a break time within tightener~!!
Eyes are clearer!! Lines on nose become slimmer~~
Some of swellings still remains like a person who transplanted fats,
but not that obvious, perhaps.

It’s a picture of backside of ear which cartilage is out.
2 weeks have passed and it’s recovered a lot.

Wore a beauty mask on~~

I can eat food well now.
I wish I could eat anything, but still have limits on eating…

However I feel excited I get better week by week.

Before surgery                                    after 3 weeks

Already 4th week is started~~

I put make-up on after a long time~!!
I compared to a before photo, haha.

It’s still plumped and uncomfortable when I say something.

I often come to fill my mouth with air~
it feels like something is in my mouth so I blow it…

maybe it would be a habit that I blow even after full recovery.

I wore tightener after a long time~!!
Washed it that it might cause troubles on face!

Maybe tightener absorbed oils on my face, hahaha.
Oils don’t be put on tightener if you wear it right after wash up~~

I visited a drive-in theater today~
my lips balled since the straw is thick, hahaha.
I wear no mask nor hats on~
Maybe people would think I injected fats on my cheek.
I also ate snacks that I didn’t take a picture of it…
almost all of small things are fine to eat these days, like cookies, cooked chestnuts.

I have to practice something so I went out~~
I still have difficulty smiling… and talking… but I hope it will be better soon if I move much!
It looks like I have a candy in my mouth, haha. Feel stuffy a lot!

Tightener on again~
nose line is being just as I like!
But the tip of the nose still has some of swelling.

I care more about candy-eating like chin shape as it gets hotter outside, haha.
My friends make fun of me that I still keep a lot of swelling!!! Maybe it leaves very slowly.
People I see every day say they don’t feel anything changed, hahaha.
I don’t have any of problems going around outside that I had make-up on.
Still… I feel uncomfortable eating something…

the thing that I cannot fully open my mouth is the problem~
pronunciation is not that good, too…

It surely will be better later!

It’s been a month after surgery~!
Actually it’s been a month and 2 weeks, so I visited the clinic and checked out.
Still swelling remains… but the doctor and coordinators commend that outcome is perfect!
But I notice the swelling and my private daily schedule is delayed…
They told me try to open mouth that it’s been a month and gave me an instructional paper~~^^
I worry that swelling is being removed so leisurely…

Does swelling look small if I veil with my hair? Haha.
I still practice… and it would make swelling reduced~
I feel pictures are all similar that there is less change on the face.

I put full make-up on because of my schedule today…
and I see candies in mouth, hahaha.
Plumpy face... It would last until swelling exists…

I look less swelled in the photo I took today.
Feel confident with make-up when going outside!

There’s a difference in the pace of swelling subsiding on both cheeks…
can you see in the picture?
Still has more on left one~
I can see it when I touch face or look in the mirror…
I stay indoors that it’s so hot these days.

I got a skincare today~! Also peeled my skin~
the tone of skin got brighter!
I show people that only tips of lips go up when I smile and they say it’s funny, haha.
I also can get exercised by that~
Rolling my eyes side to side, blowing my mouth, moving my lips, and making my eyes winked which stimulates muscle around the eyes.

It’s the photo of wearing tightener after a long long time~!!
It’s quite a lot of tightness hahaha. Maybe it would be an evidence of swelling decreasing…
Honestly I don’t know if it’s decreasing that I look at my face every day…
I just think and believe it’s being reduced~!!

People say my impression changed into mild one~~
Did I look strong…?
Anyway it’s not bad to hear so^^
It’s kind of being changed anyway… Think positively~!

It’s so obvious about swelling even after make-up~~
I put make-up on because of my schedule… Maybe it looks swelled since strong make-up~
I do face masks and ice-packing, and sometimes for tightener!
I’m kind of one who often gets pimples on the face… and I love spicy food…
I seldom eat spicy food but just sometimes to release stress~~^^
Actually I think I gained weights these days as I eat almost everything… eat and go on a diet that doctor says to maintain the weights… he said not to have spicy or salty thing…
I think I would be so stressed, so I eat them just once in a while^^
Just less spicy and salty because I haven’t eaten for a month~^^

It’s taken after one month and a half.
Do you think swelling is almost gone?
I visited a hair shop a few days ago~~
The scar near cheekbone is still a little hurt so hairdressers were careful about that~~^^
I was told to look strong when I had make-up like this before,
but now people say I look much tender~ and plus, I feel I look younger and younger~
people who don’t know me don’t notice I got surgeries done~
And I can open my mouth a lot than the last try~~^^
I can open my mouth as wide as I put both index finger and middle finger into my mouth vertically~

I took it on the way out.
The conditions of skin is getting much better~ and I can go around even without make-up~~
Sometimes I pretend to look cute these days!!! Haha.

Doing beauty masks became essential… haha.
Actually skin conditions went bad after surgery and I worried about it a lot… a
nd I am fine that I feel it’s getting better.
I don’t take pictures from the bottom up, but I took in that way after a face mask on…
My chin was kind of square so I could look that when I took pictures from the bottom side… and it’s circled now!

It’s been 54 days after surgery~
I made fringe! Is it more like circle? People say my face looks smaller with fringe!!!
They say I am pretty now and I wanted to reply “I got surgeries,” but I didn’t.
Confidence is pouring out from me~!!!!
Maybe because I know my before look more than anyone else.

I expect how it would be like if the ultimate outcome comes out~

It’s 67th day after surgery.
I liked only a couple of pictures before the surgery, but love all of pictures after it^^
I had short chin but I think it’s also fine to take picture from the side!!
But I still feel something is crumpled inside of muscle of chin.
Oh, I sometimes hear some sound when I yawn, but everything’s alright except that~
I came to think of 3rd~7th day after surgery which was really hard to overcome the pain.
It not only hurt but swelled a lot…
But as time goes, I think surgery was a good choice~
Needless to talk about doctors’ skills… haha. Life’s being exciting~ Full of confidence!!

2 months and a little passed after surgery~
swelling cannot be seen when with make-up.
Much more natural and I can eat everything!
Eyes and nose is really natural now.
Plus, people seem not to know that I got a surgery done before I tell them.
Taking pictures was the biggest trouble and it’s resolved!

I lost a lot of weight because food was not the taste of mine…

I feel skin on chin is a little bit sagged…
I can eat almost everything but things with big volume are hard to chew.

Eyes are clearer than before and things are better in every ways.
I think I look cute because I have smoother egg-shaped face.Hahaha.
Just it looks wide in the case of forehead, so I got fringe^^
I do face masks once in 2~3days at least. Hahaha.

I can sleep on the side now, and make back to the bottom again when I feel discomfort on cheeks~~
I think small swelling lasts long. It’s not obvious with make-up on, but clear without it.
Anyway it’s only been 3 months, so I think it would be far better after 3 more months^^
Almost for the first week, I said I regret having surgery and complained a lot!
And solace from coordinators was quite a lot of help…

Ahh.. I feel muscles are hardened in the morning.
I have to practice to open my mouth for 1~2 mins!
There’s a minor and vague itchy feelings on the spot where stitches were,
so I sometimes touch it with my tongue…

I think it’s not all nerve function is returned.
Sometimes, lower teeth throb and be fine, hahaha.

It’s after 3 months and a half. There was a change in my hair style, haha.
I think I look slimmer in a darker hair color.
I have to visit the clinic for a monthly check…
and I wonder if scars have healed up in a good way…
and if all of swelling is gone..
People really don’t know whether I had surgery or not since almost of swelling is gone!!
And one more thing is, I yawn with mouth widely open!!!

This was taken recently~
I eat everything… but it feels like flesh and bone on cheek are being separated
when I chew tough things for a long time! Haha.

And sometimes theirs is a snap on my cheekbones…
I cannot chew for a long time! It hurts… And I lost 2~3 kilograms.

Actually, I think it looks younger when the chin is shorter…
plus, I can sleep in every position without difficulty!
The scars on cheeks are gone, I think.
Backside of ears is still being recovered… just a tingling if pressed!
It’s been full 4 months now~ it’s so natural that I forget I had surgeries.

I made a reservation and visited the clinic to check out!!!!
They said it’s going well.
A little bit remained swelling will be removed steadily and twinge was a natural phenomenon.

Also snap of chin side when yawning,
they said, is not to worry.

I took pictures to renew my ID card and driver’s license.
The unbalance of my face made pictures look weird…
and I really love the photo this time… certainly slimmer!

There’s nothing uncomfortable in my daily life^^
and I enjoy taking selfies with lots of confidence~!!!
I’m very satisfied with doctors’ skills!!! Haha.

I’m in Shanghai, China, and I wore a wig and my face looked smaller^^
I still fill tightened on cheeks but I believe it would be better
and I think it’s because scars are inside of mouth~~~^^
I think doctors who did my surgery are extremely perfect!
People around me here want to come to Korea for a consultation.
I don’t have any of problems with my daily routine!!
It’s so natural but nose is so perfect that people know that it’s by a surgery. Hahahahaha.

Swellings are almost gone…
but bottom side on the left cheek has a tingling which is not for right side~~~^^
Everything’s back except that it takes long time to chew and eat.

I eat a lot because doctor said not to lose more weight,
but I feel I lost weight on my cheeks…
 I am not sure whether it’s swelling or not.

I think care after surgery was perfect that there was none of problems!
All of my senses are back now, 
so I believe it would be even better if all of swellings are gone!
I don’t say about face contouring because it is never obvious. Hahaha.
People who know this recommended me not to tell later, too.

I am really full of confidence that I take selfies with prettier look!
I concerned about care services of clinic and staffs there, but don’t you worry!!
None of side-effects! I super recommend Banobagi!!
Thank you for checking my reviews >.<
I lastly load my before photos below~

Before surgery

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