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I have ALWAYS wanted to get my face “done”.

I do have bad skin but not like bad-bad kind of bad skin. I don’t have massive acne issue or pitted scars on my face but I do have my own issues which I am very bothered.
I have very enlarged pores on both my cheeks, nose, and lower forehead. I also have blemishes on my face, uneven skin tone, pimple scars and many tiny little bumps on my face. And with all these, when without make up, I look very dull and especially when you can see the large pores on my cheeks and nose which actually makes me look like I got a “dirty face”.

Listed above are things I have always wanted to correct and I carry really high hope that Banobagi Dermatologycan help me improve all these conditions!
But however I know I can’t expect to achieve what I really wish to (which is to have smooth and fair skin like all the Korean ladies), as my stay in Seoul is short, I only have time to do just 1 session.

I visited Banobagi Dermatology department 3rd day after I have my Plastic Surgery done with them. If you have read about my surgery review - Part 1/Part 2, you would have known that I chose Banobagi because they have the Top Plastic Surgeons in Korea and also Top Dermatologist! So this is like a bonus to my Plastic Surgery trip. I got everything covered under 1 roof!

Some of the advance equipments, ONLY Banobagi has it and you cannot find it in other Dermatology in Korea! So kind of no point visiting other Dermatology if you want the best for yourself right? Further down the post I will share what I have done that only Banobagi has it.

Other than pictures, I will also include some of my Snapchat clips!
Let’s begin!

When I arrived at the Dermatology it wasn’t crowded here. And I was told that they have 5 Dermatologist.

Dermatology department has only one floor.
Don’t be fooled by this reception area okay. This floor is really big like a maze. I got lost twice while walking out on my own from the changing room.... Damn paisey.

I damn act. Its all written in Korean, I can’t read la. Lololol.

They attend to me not long after my registration. I am really glad that I don’t need to wait for long! You know a lot of places even when you’re on time or even early, they make you wait? At Banobagi they are always on time! Once its your reserved time, you'll be attended to! I think this is really important especially for foreigners as we travelled so far, we don’t want to waste time sitting around and wait right?

Okay, so first, change into the gown then proceed to taking pictures of my face.
Ensure that you go with clean face so no make up!

This machine damn high tech lor. I thought just use a normal DSLR to take pictures but nope, they use Digital Image Analyser which will analyze my skin’s condition! Okay maybe is me being suaku never see this kind of machine before. Hahaha

So this machine not only takes picture, its main purpose is to 
CHECK the CONDITION of your face! Okay cool.

You can see the picture taken by this machine further down this post.

Hannar hannarrrrrr.... If you know about this kind of machine, then I noob lor.
But I really never seen this before so I am very amused. Anyway, now you know when you visit Banobagi Dermatology, they will thoroughly check your face with technology and not just bare eyes with magnifying glasses!

Right, so after the assistant prepared the pictures taken, we are ready to proceed to consultation with the Dermatology Doctor.

When I stepped into the consultation room and saw the Doctor, the first thing on my mind is……MY DERMATOLOGIST IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! #hawtstuff Hahahaha!
Even Jay also said "wah she  chio.  hot." xD

#nofilter needed for her.

Sorry the picture is not focused; I think Jay was a bit anxious when he saw her. LOL.

She's studying picture of my face which was taken by the high tech machine earlier on. :D

Doctor take a quick look at my face and pointed out all the conditions I can improve on. And I am so glad there is cure for my large pores and uneven skin surface!!!!

I was looking at the translator.

Doctor asked if I want to remove my moles. And I was like “OMG I can?!”
And she said “Yes yes you can!” Lolol then of course do it la!
I did think of removing my moles before but I didn’t think I’d do it during my visit here. So this was very very impromptu.

After consultation on what procedures I will be going through, I was brought to the waiting area while they get everything ready for me.

Okay let me show you the pictures taken by the Digital Image Analyzer!

I don’t know exactly what are the different effects of the picture is for but what I can see is the matte (top) picture enhanced all the red tones of my skin. Look at the needle holes on my eyes and lips. Look abit scary. Hahaha.

From the glossy (bottom) picture, you can totally see all my large pores! Please be goneeeee~
You can also see the uneven skin surface and the uneven skin tone I have!

All the blemishes, tiny little bumps, rough skin and tiny pimples can be seen. ):


Treatment time!

Finally, the time has come for me to get the treatment done! I was guided to the room where they do the basic facial treatments.

Cleansing first!
The bed is HEATED. It so warm and comfy~ These are little details that I appreciate.

The therapist is so so so gentle I feel so comfortable under her hands.
As I just did a surgery on my eyes, I was so afraid to let anything go near it. But they are experts in handling these situations so I really don’t need to worry about anything.

I have to close my eyes most of the time so whenever I get the chance, I will Snapchat the procedures so here are some extracts from my Snapchat.

One of the steps. I think its Hyaluronic Acid.

I’m not very sure because the English translator are all occupied and they assigned a Chinese translator to me for the treatment process. So everything she just say in Chinese. So chim for the treatment terms…. Aiyoh 我不清楚啦.

After she removed the Hyaluronic Acid, (in this video above you’ll see) she applied this thick layer of cream which I thought was some mask or what....

After she applied that thick layer of (according to what I thought) mask, she put cling wrap and asked me to get up and sit outside at the waiting area.
I thought they want me to do some other procedures simultaneously.

About 20 minutes of waiting, the therapist came to me and said “we can remove the numbing cream now”.

Lololol my goodness I’m such a noob, I really haven’t done any dermatology treatment before thus, I didn’t know!

I am stupid.... LOL
After she said "numbing cream", I tried moving my features THEN I realized I cant feel my face! 

I have very high threshold for pain; but I am a little scared because its the first time I am doing laser kind of procedures on my face and with numbing cream involved sounds damn painful!

Then being a very positive person, I thought that since double eyelid surgery is not painful at all to me, this should pass too, right? Let’s see…

Its gonna get a little wordy here because I am going to explain what are each treatment targeted at and you can understand what kind of treatments you need to do.

The treatments I have done:

Ultra pulse
Target: Scars and Pores

This is a strong laser treatment.
The energy output is four times stronger than the existing equipment, and the effect is better and faster. It stimulates the dermis to induce collagen regeneration to fill skin elasticity and smooth skin texture. (See, exactly what my face needs! And what I want.)

Take note: The equipment is expensive and that only University hospitals have in Korea.
(so not everywhere have ah, don’t anyhow visit any clinic for this treatment!)

What to expect: A red mark may remain for about 10 days after the procedure, a fine scab
developed, and the skin becomes smooth as it is peeled off.

Fraxel Dual
Target: Pores

The most representative pore treatment laser. 
Strong energy heat stimulates the dermis layer to activate collagen, induce skin regeneration, and reduce pores while giving skin elasticity.

Take note: The Fraxel Dual is the latest version of the original equipment from Banobagi Dermatology Clinic, which also slightly peels off the skin pigment to brighten skin tone.

What to expect: After the treatment, a fine scab is formed for about a week, and after that, it is smooth and will be smoothly removed.

Target: Pigmentation

The latest upgraded version of I2PL, renowned for pigment therapy equipment.
There is an excellent effect in clearing skin pigment and treating blood vessels. 
It is safer and more sophisticated than existing equipment.

Take note: In Korea, Banobagi is the only clinic with the equipment.
(So if you want to get this done, Banobagi is the only place to go!)

What to expect: Skin tone will be clear, and the scab at the spot where the pigment will drop.

TEL: +82-02-522-6636
EMAIL: English@banobagi.com
Whats App: +82-10-2216-6508

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